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       Changshu Shenghai Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. is located at a famous city in South China with beautiful scen-ery—Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, adjacent to Shanghai, Suzhou and Wuxi, with convenient traffic and geographi-cal conditions.
       Changshu Shenghai Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in business appliances produ-ction. The products are with high technology content, high quality and market competitiveness, having obtained certificat-ion including CE, TUV and ROHS. The annual production capacity of the company is 120,000 sets per year. The flake ice maker with large volume of ice storage was pushed out exclusively by the company to solve the problem of previous pro-ducts which have large ice-making capacity but small ice storage.
These products can meet requirements of different users and are welcomed by the users. Yinmei IMS series automatic flake ice makers are the entire computer-controlled high-tech products. There are 5 specifications 12 types of flake ice makers such as IMS-20、IMS-30、IMS-40、IMS-50、IMS-60、IMS-70、IMS-85、IMS-100、IMS-120、IMS-150、IMS-200、 IMS-250,etc.
       This series of products have entered the rank of the leading domestic level. In structure, stainless steel is adopted as enclosures, boasting elegant appearance. They have characteristics of continuous ice-making, fast ice-making speed and large ice-making capacity etc. They are widely used in hospitals, schools, laboratories, research institutes, food preservation in supermarkets, fishing refrigeration, medical applications, chemical and food processing industries, etc.
       Bingzhixue series automatic flake ice makers have adopted Italian Oute Shi Haitec two-stage reducer and Korean GGM motor, featuring low noise, stable and reliable operation. They have adopted the ice-making and ice-breaking structure with the line of chip ice-making chamber separated from the evaporator, resulting in high ice-making efficiency and large ice-making capacity. They are fully computer controlled with functions of shutdown protection in case of full of ice and water deficiency, etc.
       Currently, we have set up subsidiaries and offices in many large size cities, with sales network of distributors and agents being increasing expanding and products being widely applied to venues including hospitals, schools, laboratori-es, research institutes and so on, as well as for food preservation in supermarkets, fishing refrigeration, medical applic-ations, chemical, food processing and other industries. The company is a supplier of many well-known brands, with abundant experience of OEM complete production. The products have been sold to America, France, Pakistan, Kuwait,HongKong and other countr-ies and regions, enjoying favorable reputation.
       Honesty, quality and efficient service are the objectives pursued for ever by Shenghai staff.
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